Banu Mukhtar MEP is the latest addition to the Banu Mukhtar Group. BM MEP provides its clients with the Industry leading services in engineering design, project management, project execution services, equipment sourcing, delivery and general contracting services.



Banu Mukhtar MEP is mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm and provides engineering services for the industrial, building and construction industry. Our engineers conduct precise engineering design services for new and existing buildings. This enables clients to be assured that they are getting quality construction documents for their projects.

BM MEP provides a core selection of engineering design services. We can help you visualize the entirety of your project from evaluating utilities with energy impacts and operating costs to providing construction documents with our HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural and Process engineering disciplines. We consider it an advantage for our clients having all disciplines “in-house”. The ability for our engineers to have constant communication allows projects to flow more smoothly thereby, reducing the amount of time needed to complete each discipline. This saves the client time and money.

BM MEP also provides energy management expertise, construction contract administration, construction cost budgeting, and scheduling services. A strong team of engineers, energy experts, Revit/AutoCAD designers support our professional staff.

In addition, our engineers follow through the entire construction process to ensure that the project is completed per industry standards, codes and with the materials and methods required. During design, consideration is given to all parties involved, all relevant conditions and alternatives. We value our abilities to focus on economy and engineering of the project to deliver any state of the art project with minimum possible cost incurred by the client.

Based on our network of expertise, including a wide range of disciplines, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments. Thus, we are able to meet the challenges both of new technologies and of the future.


Project Management entails the successful delivery of a project from inception to handover.At BM MEP we apply our knowledge, skills, as well as various tools and techniques to the project at hand to meet the project requirements. These include but are not limited to:


Projects come in a variety of forms, ranging from a simple well-site to the most complex Mega-Project. Across all industries and magnitudes, projects are subject to the same general drivers:

  • Will the project be safe to construct and operate?
  • Will the project be completed on schedule?
  • Will the project be completed as budgeted?
  • Have we met the quality goals required for the project?
  • Are we effectively managing the risks for the project?

At BM MEP we strive to understand and answer the above questions to the complete satisfaction of our clients. To achieve the answers to these questions, we use quality tools and processes combined with domain expert’s supervision and leadership.

Our project management team is fully equipped at meeting schedule and budget with a focus on safety and quality. Our experienced projects managers, engineers, technicians and support crew have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to consistently deliver outstanding results on projects. With our vast experience we help clients handle emerging situations on everyday basis and solutions to prevent their recurrence. We have enough frugality to adapt and change as per changing timelines, requirements and compliances.

Our dedicated project planning engineers optimize the use of heavy and costly construction equipment and also point critical paths to execution team on a daily basis through easily comprehensible reports. We help to plan phase wise planning of manpower and other resource based on schedule of procurement (equipment and its accessories) thus reducing costs in a project.


BM MEP has trusted sources through global alliances to procure a range of goods and services at competitive prices from all over the globe. We aim to deliver excellent product quality combined with the most favourable logistics solutions to save time and money. From low-risk purchase processes and systems to reduced cost of labour and delivery, our clients receive excellent support for all their project requirements.

We have the flexibility to adjust for individual project requirements, project size and workload to achieve cost savings for our clients. Our tracking services provide transparency in our processes and our clients can be confident in high performance standards, reliability and efficiency all through the procurement process. We at Banu Mukhtar MEP, pride ourselves in creating alliances and relationships with our suppliers to provide a better offer to our customers so that once commissioned, the equipment maintenance in the long run does not cause any sort of problems for our customers, and the suppliers are well established to provide any sort of help to our customers. A few of our tried and trusted sources of equipment are as follows:

Head Office Lahore

Banu Mukhtar, 5-A Ali Block New Garden Town,
Lahore Pakistan

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  • UAN: +92 42 111-212-111

Area Office Karachi

45-H, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Off Shahra-e-Faisal,

  • Fax: (021) 34310983)
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  • UAN: +92 21 111-212-111

Area Office Islamabad

G.T. Road, Motorway Chowk/ Peshawar Mor, Islamabad.

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