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Paving Stone Concrete Blocks Manufacturers in Pakistan Introduction

Concrete blocks are some sort of large brick used in construction of buildings and boundary walls. These are also termed as CMU (concrete masonry units) having wide spread application especially in multistory buildings as either load bearing or partition walls. Pigmented blocks are also used to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Paving Stone Concrete Blocks are either hollow or solid. Hollow blocks are mostly used as partition walls in multi-storey buildings. Pigmented Hollow Blocks are also used in boundary walls and if made of high strength, these can also be used as periphery walls as load bearing elements. On the virtue of their hollowness, they add to the heat and sound insulation along with reducing weight of the structure. Solid Blocks are mostly made load bearing and are used to take the load of the roof. Pigmented blocks are also common to add to the beauty of the surrounding.

These are available in different strengths as per building codes and also can be custom made as per customer requirements.


  • These elements are durable and long lasting
  • Its build to precise specification under strict QC procedures
  • Hollow blocks provide good sound and heat insulation
  • Hollow Blocks reduces weight of the structure.
  • Blocks give both finished sides for lesser thickness of plasster
  • It saves your valuable time and money


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