Hollow Core Advantages and Applications

A) Advantages of Hollow Core System:

Economical and efficient flooring and roofing system: Hollow core slabs provide economical and efficient floor and roof system for various reasons;

  1. Hollow Core slabs weight up to 50% less than conventional cast in-situ slab of the same size resulting considerable saving in construction cost.
  2. Controlled production line produces product just in time resulting in less onsite congestion and reduced running costs.
  3. Hollow Core slab provide the efficiency of prestressed member for load capacity, span range and deflection control.
  4. The underside surface of Hollow Core is smooth, which can directly painted and hence used as finished ceiling.
  5. Once grouted, Hollow Core Slabs can be used as diaphragm and transfer internal loads.

Adaptability to supporting Structures: Hollow Core Slabs can be supported on virtually all types of structural systems including cast in-situ or precast concrete beams, load bearing walls, wide flange or narrow flange steel beams.

 Saves Time: Time consuming site operations such as raw material handling, propping and shuttering wet concrete are virtually eliminated thus having a positive effect on the construction project.

Thermal and Sound Insulation: Hollow core slabs possess low heat and sound transmission properties and hence saves extra insulation effort and cost.

Fire Resistance: Hollow Slabs are fire resistance structural elements. Fire tests and studies demonstrated the high performance characteristics of Hollow Core Slabs. Two hours fire rating can be easily achieved without extra topping.

Design Flexibility (Long Spans and High Load Capacity): Banu Mukhtar offers Hollow Core slabs can be designed to suit a wide range of buildings and meet most projects criteria. It offers numerous benefits to engineers and architects because of very prolific span/depth ratio, high strength and quick construction speed.

Manufacturing in quality controlled environment: Hollow Core slabs are casted and cured in a quality controlled environment, eliminating the need for site storage. This means it is exceptionally resistant to impact, corrosion, weathering and abrasion making it virtually maintenance free. Precast Concrete offers all advantages of concrete while eliminating many of difficulties associated with onsite casting such as weather conditions and extended duration of construction periods.

Technical Support: Banu Mukhtar experience technical team offers a carefully considered and detailed design at the start of the project. This comprehensive practice at start will pay dividends at each stage of the project, helping to prevent problems throughout entire process.

B) Applications of Precast Hollow Core System:

  • Factories and Warehouse
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Residential Buildings
  • Offices and Hotels
  • Parking Plazas
  • Poultry processing Units
  • Cold Storages
  • Multistory Buildings

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